Friday, March 13, 2009

NBA Goes Back to College

To get into the swing of March Madness Adidas came up with something pretty cool in my opinion. It's taking four of its NBA endorsers back to college in a series of ads. What is important to note is that the four NBA stars being used in the commercials jumped from high school right into the NBA.

Also, being a huge Kansas fan I have to show this one:

Anyhow, Dwight Howard will be at Kansas, Tracy McGrady at Louisville, Josh Smith will be headed to Pitt and Kevin Garnett will be here in not-so-sunny L.A at UCLA. There are some other players I would have liked to have seen on these ads like Kobe and LeBron but they are Nike People.

I've been trying for the past couple of days to find out who the ad agency behind the ads is but I haven't had much luck.

You can see the rest of the spots Below:

Oh and of course I'll be buying brand new shoes just for the tourney. Yeah....


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