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Dear Supporter:

I am a member of Team USA Boccia. Boccia is an Italian game that is similar to lawn bowling. It has been adapted for athletes with disabilities. For many years now I have been at the top of the US Boccia echelon and I hope to continue that tradition by competing for Team USA in the Americas Cup on August 2-9, 2013, in Gardner, Kansas. For more information about Boccia, please visit:

Unfortunately, unlike many able-bodied sports boccia players don’t have large organizations and sponsors behind them. In fact, a large portion of the funding for these boccia trips comes directly from the players and their family’s pockets. This year, I am looking for the support of the online tech community, family and friends to raise at least $4000.00.

There are two methods that you can contribute to my fundraising effort. You can choose one of the following methods:

  1. Go to my GoFundMe page and donate directly.
  2. Email me at bocciaman[at] to discuss other funding options.
Your contributions will assist to offset expenses for:
  1. Registration Fees
  2. Personal Care Expenses
  3. Hotel & Travel Expenses
  4. Training
Thank you in advance for consideration and support. Please check out my Advertising Blog to keep up with my updates.

Be a part of my community


Abdallah Anwar

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