Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Absolut Short Film

Absolut joins the fun of branded entertainment with a short film “Lemon Drop” about 11 days ago I wrote a post on Rip Curl collaborating with Timeslice Films to create Matrix like effects with surfers. Well, I am here to tell you this movie doesn’t even come close to being as entertaining even though it was almost twice as long. There are major similarities between this short film and the awesome Quentin Terintino film “Kill Bill.”

First, the film starts with Lemon Drop, the films’ star waking up and discovering that her kittens have been kidnapped. Similarly, in Kill Bill Uma Thurman wakes up to discover her friends have betrayed her, and she has a daughter whom she has never seen.

Next, Lemon Drop finds a coat receipt on the floor of the pet store where her kittens were kidnapped. She then begins her journey to find her lost kittens just like Uma Thurman beginning a journey to hunt down the assassins who put her in a coma. But there were no awesome fight scenes in the Absolut short film.

Through the receipt Lemon Drop discovered she tracked down her antagonist singing at a popular nightclub. She goes to the club and has an Absolut Lemon Martini, of course while she waits for her suspect to get off the stage. He eventually comes over and begins making small talk. He challenges her to a tennis match at his home while she discovers her second clue (cat hair) on his sleeve.

They showed a scene with Lemon Drop driving to the tennis match exactly like when Uma Thurman was driving to the climactic battle in the movie. You know the one, where she fights several groups “bad guys.”

Suddenly, they switch gears and present the tennis match like the battle of the sexes with Billie Jean King and Bobby Rigs.

Finally, Lemon Drop wins the match, finds her kittens, and fights the antagonist known as Johnny Thunderbird to defeat the forces of evil or something like that. Thunderbird apparently wanted the kittens for their voice. He needed the voices so he can have the voice of an angel. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. They end the film with play on words for the tagline: “An Absolut Collaboration.”

The film had absolutely no excitement, no decent cinematography, and no real storyline. I mean, what do kittens have to do with vodka?

The ad agency behind this film is TBWA Chiat\Day, New York.


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