Thursday, March 19, 2009

Feelin' Sorry for Myself

Last night I was watching the TV show Trust Me, a show that I've previously discussed on this blog. One of their two storylines for last night's episode was about about a guy who was fired because his work was just not very good. Several years later the main characters in the show give him another chance only to discover that he still isn't very good. So now they need to fire him again and the show takes off from there.

So here is my question, when do you realize that you aren't going to make it in the ad business and look for a new line of work? Maybe I should stop thinking that I'll be working for an ad agency anytime soon.



Craig Brimm said...

Hang in there buddy. Your love and admiration for advertising can pay off if you do the work. By work I mean grunt work, by grunt work I mean grovel, by grovel I do every possible little thing you can. Make spec ads constantly. Compare your work to the best out there. Be honest and critical. Do free work, do internships, as many as possible. I did four. Many years later I'm still working to get better. It's been fun/hard. I've made/lost a bunch of money and I still love/hate it!

A.B. said...

Than you for your words of encouragement I actually have job in the marketing/advertising dept. of email hosting company. But it still isn't the same as an ad agency setting. Also, please be a follower on my blog, I'll do the same on yours.

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