Monday, March 23, 2009

Gaming Industry Upheaval

In the U.K. the game industry is upset because of the new ads appearing in U.K. government's Change For Life campaign, let's just say it puts them in a negative light and the industry isn't too happy about it. The image of the board-looking child with a joystick in his hands and a headline that included the word death really ticked the industry off. The campaign was only intended to promote a healthier lifestyle not cause riots.

The video game industry's main complaint is that the ad pictured above implies that video games can cause a premature death. Now that certainly isn't true but they cause you to not have very many friends, not very well read, and many other things but not death in my opinion of course.

I have yet to discover who the ad agency behind the print ad above.



Burr said...

get that kid a Wii!

A.B. said...

Well the gaming industry is suing because they display PS controller.

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