Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Better Results

Yes this is another Mac VS PC commercial. In this Mac ad, the Mac compares its and PC's movie making abilities. They demonstrate the Mac's movie making superiority by presenting the movie as a beautiful woman while PC has a man dressed as an ugly woman as the movie they produced.

Mac commercials are some of the greatest creative execution I've ever seen. But everything has to come to an end. I feel that the execution above insults the intelligence of the audience. Why you ask, because it says that all you have to do is show a beautiful woman in a commercial and the dumb consumers will buy our product. And I strongly believe that consumers are a lot smarter then this ad gives them credit for. Don't get me wrong, Mac seem to be the current "hip" trend but did Chiat/Day run out of ideas so they decided lets put a pretty woman in our spot, that will sell. The ad might as well have been a car commercial.

This is probably common knowledge but TBWA/Chiat/Day are Apple's agency. They have been doing Apple's ads for many years. they were responsible for the famous 1984 spot. Honestly I don't believe spot will result into "Better Results."

Let me know what you all think?


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