Thursday, January 22, 2009

Voltage Everywher

Mountain Dew has recently introduced a new berry-flavored drink that they hope will saturate the web. The campaign known as “Voltage Everywhere” is primarily a viral marketing effort on the part of PepsiCo. The “Voltage Everywhere” campaign is asking people to go to where dew fans are rewarded points for spreading the word about the new soft drink.

By spreading the word I mean talking it up on social networks like Facebook and MySpace just to name a few. They can place notes on message boards and start fan pages. Fans can then collect points towards things like an Xbox or iPod. This type of promotion is the year 2009 version of school promotions such as “look under the cap to win.”

On fans can also play games with other site members, download wallpaper, and do many other things. The site intends to keep the target audience engaged with the product. This is a great idea in my opinion, but it is already being executed on many other websites like the ones mentioned above, why would a consumer want to add another site that they have to visit?

The creators of the site, DDB Tribal claim it is so that the consumer can become deeply involved with the product. Would someone really want to be that engaged with his or her favorite soft drink? DDB Tribal seems to think this is a great idea.

By the way DDB Tribal is an interactive creative shop.


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