Thursday, May 14, 2009

TiVo Come TiVo Go

So I have to tell you guys, I got TiVo on May 7st and returned it May 13th. I was all excited about being able to watch all the shows I try to follow throughout the week at anytime. But I quickly realized that it would not be able to serve my needs because my TV runs on a Direct TV cable box. Being on the Direct TV system means I would not be able to record a show on one channel while watching another because the Direct TV box was a single tuner, to me this shortcoming sort of defeated the purpose of having a DVR system. I mean, why have a recorder if you are going to be forced to watch what’s being recorded at the time, right?

In the short time that I had it an interesting ad caught my attention while live TV was on pause. An ad popped-up across the bottom of the screen like the one shown in the image below and it required interaction from me so that it could provide more information. My question is, do these ads ever result in a purchase for the advertiser? It’s a great idea if you are simply going for brand awareness.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think. By the way, the image is not from my TV but it provides you with the main idea of the post.


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India's Ujjwal said...

Well I reckon, TVCs or even popup ads on TV are more for Branding then for selling. Showing an Ad and getting you to act is a nice way of permission marketing - as long as there is an option to switch the ads off.

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