Monday, May 11, 2009

Increase Currency by Making Love

Bontrust Bank in Germany takes the idea of multiplying your money to a whole new level in the spot above. The spot shows Abe Lincoln who is on the $5-bill and the German pianist Clara Schumann who is on the 100 DM note (getting it on). Eventually they multiply aka have babies that look just like their father but everything must always must come to an end and the pretty lady on the 100 DM note falls for Chairman Mao the first president of China.

The main message that the Bontrust Bank is trying to send is that banking with them will cause your money to multiply. Multiplying is the metaphor for "getting it on." The thing I can’t quite understand is why the German agency felt the need to use the image of a well-respected American president for this creative execution? To me it is disrespectful and somewhat of a political statement. I know that they don’t like us but there is no connection between the two people they used in the ad at all except that they appear on currency. What do you guys think? Also the ad is very racy and suggestive.

Why does almost everyone think that sexually suggestive ads are worthy of a discussion, myself included of course? Starting today, May 11th I will not discuss any ads with sexual innuendo for at least two weeks. I think it will force me to find new points of discussion for every ad I post on the blog.

By the way, the agency behind the ad is, or in this cast the “agencies” Grabarz and Partner, and Optix Digital worked on the animation behind the ad.

You should also know this is another ad I discovered on Adfreak,


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