Saturday, November 12, 2011

BlogWorld & New Media Expo

Hello World,

Sorry about the long absence but I have been distracted by studying for the GRE and applying to Ph.D. programs. Yes, my top choice would be the University of Texas at Austin for the Advertising Ph.D. program. So anyway, I hope you forgive me and keep coming back to check for updates.

A couple of weeks ago (November 4, 2011) I got the opportunity to attend BlogWorld & New Media Expo at the L.A. Convention center. The expo mainly featured individual bloggers, small application makers, and keynote speakers. Most were there to discuss how to successfully monetize their blog.

The best part for me though, was listening to Pat Flynn, a keynote speaker talk about “How to be Everywhere: Building a Profitable Brand by Thinking Outside the Blog.” His main message was about how to proliferate the blog’s brand using social media (a.k.a. Being Everywhere).

The main platforms for social media he discussed were:

1.     The Blog- Letting the reader know what you want them to do on your site from the very beginning.
2.     Podcasts on iTunes- Creating them and always having links back to your blog.
3.     YouTube- Freating videos related to some of your blog posts and inserting keywords of some of the popular videos.
4.     Facebook & Twitter- How to engage your audience. Also, not to get to automated on these sites, it may cause a disconnect between you and your audience.

Well, until next time. I promise I won’t be gone for this long again. The next post I’ll  be back on advertising. I simply wanted to share my experiences from BlogWorld with you out there.


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