Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Wheelchair Heart

The wheelchair heart logo above is the official logo of 3E Love, designed by its founder Annie Hopkins who is, and always will be a friend that I miss and forever love. My friend passed on January 20th 2009. She was a true advocate for the disabled community. We should all follow her example.

According to 3E Love’s MySpace page the wheelchair symbol is a symbol of acceptance of disability. The symbol simply replaces the wheel of the traditional handicapped sign and turned it to a heart. 3E Love is headquartered in Chicago, has goals of bringing products that celebrate disability to the public.

On another note, the wheelchair heart symbol I believe began as a tattoo that my friend Annie got. I love that design because it was simple yet had a powerful and meaningful message. To me, someone who is also in a wheelchair the symbol means that you can be cool, do great things, and show the world that being in a chair doesn’t stop you from doing anything you want.

Just so I can finish the post like I do most other posts, by telling you who the creator of the ad I am discussing is, I’m going to do the same in this post. Annie Marie Hopkins designed the logo and she is the founder of 3E Love.

R.I.P. Annie! Miss you forever.


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