Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Stars & Vutton Bags

About a little over a month ago I wrote about an ad that I found on the back of my Economist magazine that featured Angelina Jolie in a Louis Vutton ad. The two ads below feature Bono and James Bond himself, Sir Sean Connery. The ads below are photographed in different locals, which seem to be the theme behind the campaign.

The first ad features Sir Sean Connery sitting on a porch in the Bahamas Islands. Connery and Louis Vutton show their support for the Climate Project.

The second ad features Ali and Bono in the same campaign, Louis Vuitton Journeys. But the couple is in Africa where every journey begins according to the ad.  Here is something you don’t here to often all the profits from the luxury brand bag as well as Ali and Bono’s fees go to the conservation cotton initiative in Uganda.

What do you guys think of the ads and the philanthropic objectives behind them?


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