Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vintage Computer ads

This post brings together two of my passions together: computers and advertising. The ads below are vintage ads from some of the world’s largest technology companies. Do you guys remember the first computer systems you ever got? I know I do. It was called the Sakhr computer, made by AlAlamiah, a Kuwaiti computer company.

Einstein-Apple ad

This ad was created as part of Chiat/Day's "Crazy Ones" campaign for the Apple computer company. The late Steve Jobs wanted a marketing effort that reflected the company's philosophy of "thinking different" I think the campaign is better known by its "Think Different" tagline.

Hitchcock-Apple Ad

Here is another print ad from Apple's "Think Different Campaign.

Verbatim Disks 

I am not completely sure of the identity of the marketing firm behind the ad above. Although, through my research I have discovered that Marken Communications, an agency that helped them put together a PDF to celebrate 40 Years of Data Storage Innovation. Do you guys remember when PCs came with 3.5" disk drives?

 IBM Computers

An ad from one of the largest computer companies in the world but for the life of me, I cannot behind the agency behind the ad above.

Microsoft Software

I couldn't find the ad agency for Microsoft either for the 1990s but these ads are a great read if you are feeling nostalgic. Well, I hope you enjoyed these five ads. You can find more of these ads thanks to Andy Sowards.


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