Saturday, March 12, 2011

Logitech with more Ivan Cobenk Ads

I know it has been a while since my last post and please except my sincere apologies for the lack of activity on Inside That Ad. I’ve been extremely busy at work so please keep coming back. Today, I wanted to discuss the Logitech ads featuring Kevin Bacon as the obsessed fan Ivan Cobenk, he’s obsessed with Kevin Bacon or I should say himself

The T.V. spots are series of interviews with Ivan Cobenk regarding his fanatical love for all things Kevin Bacon. Cobenk also discusses how the new Logitech Revue Google enabled TV setup box allows him to indulge in his favorite past time. What is his favorite past time? Watching Kevin Bacon movies.

According to Goodby, Silverstein’s creatives the idea for the campaign simply began as someone obsessed with an actor. The twist to have that person be played by the actor he is obsessed with came later. And amazingly enough Bacon was the creative teams first choice and they obviously got their first choice.

Anyway the spot above is not just an extended cut of the commercial but also has embedded interactive areas around the video. Some of the hot spots (links) take you to Ebay to bid on some of Ivan Cobenk’s belongings. Cobenk has an entire Ebay page devoted to him at Kevin Wonder of the World.

Oh, and all of the money from the auctions go towards Kevin Bacon’s charity Anyway, what do you guys think? Also, you should know that the videos and the character himself have become quite viral. The man is on YouTube, Facebook, and he even has a Twitter following.


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