Saturday, September 11, 2010

I (Heart) Boobies is in Hot Water

This post is a response to an article I read on Adrants regarding the latest marketing attempt to raise breast cancer awareness and how it has become just another platform to sell more stuff as oppose to truly educating people. Apparently, “I ♥ boobies” bracelets are all the rave according to another article the Adrants author referenced, written for The author of the Salon article isn’t too pleased with the bracelet campaign not because Schools are banning rubber bracelets, as if they are brain washing our youngsters.

She’s upset because she thinks they are rather tasteless and then she goes into an antidotal story about her mother having cancer. She goes on to explain that we place the breasts themselves on a pedestal and forgetting about the person who might actually die of cancer.

Well, please let me tell you something about marketing/advertising. You only have 10 to 15 seconds, maybe less to grab a person’s attention and persuade them to make a contribution to the cause that you are promoting. And boobs certainly grab attention. What’s one of the universal truths of advertising? I’m sure you already know, but sex sells.

Finally, in my opinion, any advertising that sells the product it promotes is a success. Anyway, what do you guys think? Are the bracelets tasteless or acceptable advertising?


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Anonymous said...

I think that "I <3 boobies" bracelets are a great campaign ideas. I have a friend who has breast cancer ( and is in remission! YAY!) and she loves the campaign. I have bought her about six since yesterday. The truth is that it is an attention grabbing, you can't deny that. The point is to get someone to stop you out of curiosity and to then inform them on the truths about breast cancer. Another point of such an "in your face" approach to advertising is to sell. If they are getting revenue then they are raising money for the cause. How can you be upset about that? It's not about sex. It's not about boobs themselves. It's about showing support, informing and raising money.

PS. To somebody that has almost lost their breast(s), they are a big deal. Especially for a teen like my friend. Look beyond yourself and look through their eyes. Their opinions are the only ones that matter.

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