Sunday, June 5, 2011

Disability Series: Ads Featuring People with Disabilities

I wanted to do a series of posts that feature people with disabilities. To see if the majority of the ads focus on the disability also known as “pity ads” or do they focus on the person as an authority or the product. Also, I want to see if most of the spots that feature a disability are advertising a product related to disabilities in general.

The ad below is for, besides being all about the O the spokesperson in the ad is Briana Walker. Walker uses a wheelchair but the wheelchair is never shown in the ad. I am ok with the fact the chair was never shown that way it doesn’t take away from what is being advertised.

This is a great brand awareness spot and Walker did a great job in it. This is defiantly not a pity ad.

Brianna Walker Overstock Ad

Ad agency: Ads done in-house.

Stay tuned for more disability related ads in the following week.


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