Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aniston Bears it all for SmartWater

This is the first time I’ve seen Jennifer Anniston in a print ad and she appears topless no less. For a 42-year old woman she looks absolutely amazing. Now, who knows how much of these types of ads are photoshopped or what she really looks like on a regular day? Everyone has to admit she looks great here, yes even you haters out there.

From my research for this post I discovered that the agency behind this celebrity ad campaign is Kraftworks out of New York. It’s a private ad agency with approximately 5 to 10 million in annual revenue.

There are several print ads that she was involved in.

Advertising Agency: Kraftworks, New York
Brand: Glaceau SmartWater
Product: SmartWater

Finally, I saw the ad above on Adrants.


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