Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bing Keeps you from Looking Like a Moron or Does it?

Sorry for the long delay between posts everyone. But I can’t write posts in my office anymore because of recent changes to my work schedule. Anyway, let’s talk about Bing baby. Bing is Microsoft’s latest attempt to catch up with all mighty Google with respect to search engines. The campaign claims that Bing is the “Cure” to search overload.

If you watch the spot you can understand what they tried to do with this particular creative execution. They are simply saying that with traditional search engines your results are loaded with sites that seem related to what you searched for but they really aren’t. The way they visually demonstrate this is by having one person say something they are looking for like “cheap tickets” and others would make a million suggestions for similar terms. After even 10 seconds of listening to this you will be extremely annoyed and that when they make the statement Bing is the cure to search overload.

This spot and several others like it were done by JWT. Microsoft is all about being the cure to diseases these days. In this particular spot, they are curing “Search Overload Syndrome” or S.O.S. JWT has provided the software giant with several other diseases to cure. They say Internet Explorer 8 cures F.O.M.S and S.H.Y.N.E.S.S. The other diseases I read about via Adfreak.

What do you guys think about Microsoft being a cure for your search ailments? I never really thought of Microsoft as the cure for anything, I thought of them as the problem. But hey, as you all know these are all just my opinions.



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