Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Windvertising Getting bigger

Just a bit over a month ago I wrote a post on Windvertising and now its great to see that its being noticed on a much larger scale. According to a Brandweek article, Ricoh a large provider of office technology is teaming up with WePOWER to implement a more eco-friendly advertising solution for the company. The company's more eco-friendly advertising will display in the middle of Times Square.

WePOWER will implement its technology which will consist of 16 wind turbines and 64 solar panels. This new execution will supposedly save $15,000 in electricity bills. This will obviously reduce the company's carbon footprint tremendously. Lots of companies are attempting to "go green" these days which will undoubtedly help the environment and give them a good corporate image.

My boss at my real job asked, how much will implementing this new form of advertising cost the client? Is it worth it in the long run to implement this advertising method? I am not exactly sure how much Ricoh is being charged by WePOWER but since the outdoor advertising is being placed in Times Square I am sure they can spare the money. Also at the end of the day consumers will respect Ricoh more for looking out for the environment. In return Ricoh will gain more loyal customers and of course revenue added to their business.


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