Monday, February 9, 2009

Here Comes: Windvertising

I was alerted to this article on the Huffington Post by my boss at work. The article discusses a new form of advertising playfully dubbed Windvertising by the post. It got its name because this new, creative form of advertising employs WePOWER's PacWind turbines. When ads are placed on top of the turbines and they spin, it creates the illusion of animation.

The Huff Post does say that the image is a bit misleading when you first look at it. I thought the logos are simply placed on top of the blades. Obviously, from the image above some logos look better then others. In my opinion the Nike logo looks better then that of the golden arches.

It is certainly a creative idea. It will be interesting to see if this new platform is accepted by advertisers. This hopes to promote the idea of "Green Power"

PS: The image was also taken from the Huffington Post.


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