Friday, February 6, 2009

A Note on the Superbowl

I was discussing the Superbowl ads with some buddies at work and they thought all of them sucked. Some of the ads they thought were a little funny but not worth the 3 million spent on them. Here are the most obvious reasons why:

1. The ads were over done to the point of annoyance in the eyes of one of my buddies. (The talking baby has been going for a few years.)

2. Most of the ads, my buddies felt didn't take into consideration that our country is in a recession.

3. Most, if not all the ads were not funny. If they were a little funny, my buddies at least couldn't remember the product being advertised.

Finally after thinking about it for a bit maybe the concept of the "Free Doritos" spot was taken from the Sprint 2006 Superbowl Commercial below. Most likely I'm wrong.

But who cares? I thought at least some of the spots were good, which after all, is the case every year.


1 comment:

Ivan Raszl said...

I agree, it was a waste of money.

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