Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Absolut Tolerant

On February 8th, a 30-second brand awareness spot for Absolut Vodka ran on prime time television. I believe it ran during the last half of the Grammy Awards. This marks the first time ever a distilled-spirits product has appeared on any CBS-owned TV station. Here is another sign of the changing times. A company like CBS that usually shunned distilled-spirits companies now accept them. I ask you is this due to the troubled economy?

The spot created by TBWA/Chiat/Day is titled “Hugs” the ad presents a universe where the sanctioned currency is kisses on the cheek. The spot ends with the campaigns' tag line "In an Absolut World." This is a significant change in the ad business and I think its for the better.

I have to say the spot isn't funny but it is eye catching and memorable because it is unusual for a distilled-spirits company to produce this type of commercial. Most liquor commercials give a public service announcement, for example the famous "please drink responsibly." The spot is memorable because of the high popularity that the brand has already established

I think this is a great step forward for the famous vodka maker. They have a strong promotional foundation due to their great print ads. Their print ads are what got me interested in advertising in the first place (Just an FYI).

NBC was the first to air liquor ads on its main station. Also, you can read the Brandweek article at your leisure.


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