Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pro-Atheism Ads

Pro-atheism ads similar to the one above started appearing on buses in London and Washington DC. Beginning on January 26, 2009 pro-atheism billboard ads will appear in Charleston, SC. The ad above is part of a collaborative effort between the American Humanist Association, FreethoughtAction, and the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry (SHL). The ads show headlines like "Don't believe in God? You are not alone." Ads like these I can almost guarantee will cause some controversy. What I have yet to find out is whether the ads were created in-house or by some advertising firm. But once I find out, I'll write a short follow up to this post to give you the final answer.

These ads will cause some tension in in South Carolina because it is my understanding that people have deeply rooted religious ideas and beliefs in that part of the country. Challenging those ideas may cause some problems within the community. But any publicity maybe regarded as good publicity.

While people may not agree with the message itself, I think it is important to create awareness of different views. Different ways of looking at an issue and accepting disagreements is part of what makes our country so great, am I right?

As far as advertising goes, I believe its awesome creative execution of their message. people will be shocked, surprised, pleased, or caught off guard. This will make the message more memorable in the minds of the intended audience.

According to the Adfreak post this was also done with cooperation from the American Humanist Association which is the American national organization.

I received an email with the press release from the SHL president! I feel rather privileged.


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