Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inside That Ad’s Favorite 2012 Super Bowl Commercials

I know that this post is 13 days overdue, but better late then never, right? Every advertising blog has to discuss the commercials of the biggest advertising event of the year, the Super Bowl. Those of us who were faithful to Patriot Nation had hoped that advertisers would have a better night. But unfortunately only a few advertisers produced anything of note, all the rest should have kept their checkbooks in their pockets. So without further ado, here are ITA’s favorite Super Bowl spots.

Note: I only discuss a few spots because there only a few spots that I feel are worthy of a discussion.

The Tease - Oikos Yogurt

This spot for Oikos Greek Yogurt features John Stamos being head butted by his gorgeous girlfriend over her special yogurt. Note to guys – don’t stand between a lady and her Oikos.

Agency: Poptent, Y&R

Sling Baby – Doritos

This spot involves a baby, a slingshot and a wheelchair bound granny taking the last bag Doritos from the antagonist “older kids.” This spot was created via Crash the Super Bowl contest run by Doritos.

Agency: In-house

Rescue Dog – Bud Light

This dog fetches Bud Light on command by saying “Here, we go.” He races to fetch a Bud Light for the person who gave the command.

Agency: McGarryBowen

Voice Combat – The Voice

Betty White shares some of her “Golden Talents” for the above promo for The Voice.

Agency: In-house


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