Saturday, September 3, 2011

Smirnoff's Pure Campaign

The spot above focuses on music and bringing in the different elements of sound, just like an orchestra to make beautiful music. The commercial features Pharrell and the idea of a blank canvas to bring together different musical elements to make music that sounds great when working in harmony. Pharrell brings different musicians, with different musical styles together by simply snapping his fingers.

A surprising bit of information I discovered is that this campaign or at least this particular spot was aimed at the Australian market. This could explain why the ad agency behind the spot is Leo Burnett in Sydney, Australia. Supposedly, Pharrell takes the audience on a journey of discovery on how his mixes are created. Giving them a behind the scene view on how his music is created.

The origins of the campaign’s basic idea lie in how one bartender mixes drinks beginning with “Pure Smirnoff vodka.”  They use the metaphor of a blank canvas as pure. Smirnoff Australia also has its very own Facebook page that you can like.

What do you guys think of "Pure" as the big idea in an ad campaign?


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