Thursday, August 13, 2009

Surrogates: The Movie

Surrogates, is the newest Sci-fi thriller starring Bruce Willis. The movie follows two FBI agents who are investigating the murder involving the creator of the new high-tech robots. But fir the life me I cannot find out who created the print ads for the darn movie. I have tried several Google searches with no luck.

The ads are of these seemingly perfect models but they are half man and half machine. It seems like a new version of the Terminator movies.

Anyway, whoever knows who created the print ads and billboards i’ve been seeing all over L.A. please let me know.



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natasha said...

Surrogates movie is wonderful one which gives brilliant idea about robots and new technology. This will be depict aftermath of inventing technology. I did not mean that inventing new thing is bad but we should be thinks about aftermath twice.


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