Monday, May 4, 2009

Mercedes, I Don't Get It

I saw this Mercedes Benz spot on one of my favorite ad blogs (besides this one of course) but I don’t get it. The main scene focuses on the car, driving at night, from the point of view of the headlights. Then the car makes a stop in the road to kick out these monsters that appear in your dreams (or did they mean nightmares). My point is, what were they trying to say with this spot?

Were they trying to say that the Mercedes is so comfortable that you would fall asleep behind the wheel? Well crashing your brand new Mercedes because you fell asleep behind the wheel will not bring fairytale monsters into your dreams. It will bring a semi truck and increasing insurance rates. Also, I don’t think that spot was very memorable because it wasn’t easily understood and the connection between the monsters and the car isn’t very easy to find.

The spot was created by a German ad agency called Jung Von Matt. The commercial does move away from the traditional car ad because it shot almost completely in the dark and moves away from the tradition of driving through curvy roads at high speeds.

Anyway, I just didn’t get it.


1 comment:

plymouth8888 said...

Somebody has got to be concerned about Mercedes car ads that scream around curves and smash into showroom windows.
Remember in the USA 40,000 people are killed each year in accidents.
Do we really need to see a luxury sedan speeding on television??
They have lost reality..

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