Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vandals Turned Photoshopers

A few days ago, on one of my favorite ad blogs an image of a vandalized subway in Berlin appeared. Vandals must of left their sharpies and spray cans at home and decided to use giant stickers to disfigure the subway ads. The stickers used were of Photoshop tool palettes. I have to say that it was a creative way to vandalize an advertisement on a public canvas.

To me, the vandalism was a message to the advertisers themselves. It declares that the consumer isn’t stupid they know exactly what happens to the ads before the public sees them. So in other words the vandalism is means to say a big F-you to the advertiser you aren’t fooling anyone. There has been an ongoing debate on the “Photoshop effect” in advertising. You can watch a good video on the subject below.

So does the “Photoshop effect” give women a false idea of what beauty really is? In my opinion, yes the Photoshop effect does give people an unattainable goal of beauty. Those women are all air brushed.

So now back to the Berlin subway vandalism. That form of vandalism is a clever way to deliver a message. You can see more of the photoshop vandalism at Gizmo. The vandalism may now serve as advertising for Adobe.


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