Saturday, January 17, 2009

Balloons in Action

I found this TV spot for Durex condoms on a friends' blog. The creative execution was absolutely hilarious in an adult sort of way. I am not going to describe the spot when you can simply watch it below. From what I've read about the commercial is that it has caused some controversy. The spot may have been too explicit for TV viewers. I am betting that it went over well with the 18 to 28 male demographic.

The spot hit the mark with its target audience, it was memorable, and also funny. I am certain that the spot will get extensive viral marketing. The one thing I'll say about what's going on within the spot is that it keeps your attention until the end and then tells you the brand being advertised.

The spot was created by Süperfad a design company with offices all over the world including one here in Los Angeles. Their goal is to present their client's brands in a unique way.

The spot causes you to think you are watching something dirty until the end when you realize you are simply watching a unique execution for a condom advertisement.


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