Monday, January 26, 2009

E*Trade Baby Continued

E*Trade will be bringing back the talking baby for this year's Superbowl.
The baby will have a new spot that the company is keeping on the DL. This year the talking baby has even more of of a following and is marketing the E*Trade brand via several media outlets including print, online, and TV. The baby now has his own YouTube Channel, Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter account. All of these only help to reaffirm why I think the E*Trade "Talking Baby" campaign is one of the best currently out there and it is my current favorite. A link to the Adweek Media article can be found here.

I read one comment on the baby's Facebook Fan Page where a particular fan states something to the effect of "I am a loyal E*Trade customer because of the baby." My only response to this was wow! But this is why I strongly believe that companies should show more respect towards their ad agencies and marketing departments. A memorable and humerous creative execution will help bring and retain loyal customers.

E*Trade's lead ad agency is still Grey in New York.


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