Saturday, January 10, 2009

Australian Cancer PSA

I ran across a rap music video on cancer of all things. I discovered the piece on another advertising blog and thought I should share some of my opinions on the video. Oh and by the way that other blog I follow is adfreak.

As you can probably tell it is a Youtube video, the title on YouTube claims that it was too hot for TV. The music video was made by Australian rapper Al Bino as a PSA, as a reminder to protect yourself from the sun. It is currently summer time down under. According to adfreak the video was meant as a PSA.

But why would the music video be too hot for TV I wonder? The video did feature a vile looking sore with hideous teeth singing about the dangers of the sun. Was it too graphic for Australian TV? Would this have passed the Federal Communications Commission’s standards (FCC)?

I think the video will serve its purpose and that is to help young people remember to protect themselves from the sun? The graphic images will definitely grab their attention. So why not show it on TV?


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