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Inside That Ad Presents its Top 10 Ads of 2011

It is finally here! Inside That Ad’s top 10 ads for 2011. I realize that it is almost the end of January 2012 but it took me a while to create the list. I also needed to plan out how to display the ads a bit more then usual because there are 10 of them and the list begins in descending order.

10. Weetabix Cereal - Street Dancing

The spot above features dancing phenomenon, Arizona Snow street dancing her way through a sophisticated routine in her bedroom. The routine along with the dancing bears will blow your mind. Arizona is reportedly only 9-years old. But from what I can see she could hold her own against any seasoned, pro dancer.

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FYI, just because this spot is in the number 10 spot does not in any way mean that it is a bad commercial. Also, I believe Weetabix chocolate cereal is the equivalent of coco puffs here in the states.

: Weetabix Cereal
Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London

9. Allstate – Snow Mayhem

I put this spot on the list because the “Mayhem” campaign simply won’t stop growing. Mayhem started in mid 2010 and seems to be still going strong. Dean Winter has certainly gone above and beyond for his craft.

Client: Allstate
Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago

8. Cravendale – Cats with Thumbs

Why do cats run to their owners when their pouring milk? Well, they love milk is the obvious answer. In the spot below they appear to be banning together to hijack the milk supply using the opposable thumbs given to them in this ad.

An interesting fact about this commercial is that the people who created the “cat thumbs” visual effect wore cat claw costumes on their arms to show the thumbs. This effect was done to help the hungry cats open doors with their newly acquired opposable thumbs. By the way, this was a ad for a British client.

Client: Cravendale, British dairy
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

7. DirecTV - I am Epic Win

DirecTV’s “I am Epic Win” features the lavish life style of Gregor, a Russian playboy who loves working out and his 400 DirecTV channels. This commercial is supposedly a continuation to Opulence —I Hate it, DirecTV’s 2010 commercial.

Client: DirecTV
Agency: Grey, New York

6. Jim Beam – Parallels

Jim Beam’s “Parallels” commercial featuring William Dafoe took the six spot on our list. In this spot I like how one character plays a role as different types of people. The commercial successfully shows how the choices we make in life shape the people we become. But what do we all have in common? We can all relax after making the bold choice to drink Jim Beam.
This commercial is part of the “Bold Choice” campaign.

Client: Jim Beam
Agency: StrawberryFrog

5. Google Chrome - Dear Sophie

I liked this ad simply because it should how technology can be used to our benefit in every aspect of our lives. Sophie’s life is watched and shared thanks to Google’s Chrome.

Client: Google Chrome
Agency: Google Creative Lab

4. The Marylen transformation by Dior

This spot made it on the list because of the absolutely amazing special effects they used to bring back to life famous Hollywood icons. Some of these starlets include Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe. Charlize Theron, the long time spokesmodel makes her way to the fashion runway while blowing kisses to the ladies that came before her.

Client: Chrisitan Dior
Agency: TBWA\Paris, France

3. Old Spice - The Man your Man Could Smell Like

This campaign literally took the Old Spice brand to the next level. Before this Old Spice campaign I couldn’t really name a brand in the category. Isaiah Mustafa, the star of the Old Spice campaign has become such a pop culture icon that Brut tried to create their very own celebrity via an interactive campaign. Inside that ad compared the two campaigns in an older post. Old Spice takes the number three spot on the list because of they brand power I believe they now posses.

Client: Old Spice
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

2. Volkswagon - Mini Darthvader

At 7:33 p.m. ET on Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011 also known as Super Bowl Sunday for the year, Volkswagen, according to Adfreak released one of the best ads ever. Officially titled “The Force” the ad features a kid whose favorite day of the year must be Halloween because he was fully dressed in a Darth Vader costume attempting to move inanimate objects by using “The Force.” He roams his home attempting his Jedi mind trick but he is largely unsuccessful until dad gets home in his Volkswagen Passat. The boy rushes out to his driving to attempt to use “The Force” on the car. Much to his surprise the car comes to life when dad uses the remote to turn it on all the way from the kitchen. The boy is awestruck by his newfound talent. This ad has the perfect combination of storytelling and char to hit a soft spot with the audience.

Client: Volkswagen Passat
Agency: Deutsch, L.A.

1. Andy Rooney’s Bicycle Kick Animation

This is my favorite ad for 2011 because it manages to incorporate great animation and one of the best moments of the year in the beautiful game. Wayne Rooney’s scoring bicycle kick is forever immortalized by Richard Swarbrick’s iconic animation style. You can view more of his work on his Web-site. This ad was bound to be my favorite because it incorporated two of the things I love the most soccer and advertising. The ad is brought to a close by using the campaign tagline ‘Football, brought to life by The Sun’. The tagline isn’t my favorite but the overall add is a clear winner.
Also, talk about staying with in the family, the man who did the voiceover for the ad just happens to also be a Sun columnist. The animation was brought to life by the voiceover and it made you feel like you were part of that amazing moment in the game. Maybe that day wasn’t so great for Manchester City fans?

Client: The Sun
Agency: WCRS&Co

Well folks, I hope you all have enjoyed the list and have had a great start to 2012.


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