Monday, April 11, 2011

Only you- Dove

So above is another example of marketing and advertising taking the easy way out, a cop out if you will. Why do I say that? Well the above commercial features a beautiful, skinny girl devouring her Dove ice cream bar. That should be considered false advertising. A girl as beautiful, skinny, and confident doesn’t make love to the to the ice cream bar while inhaling it. I’m just saying it doesn’t seem right to me.

Why does watching a commercial about a snack food suddenly feel like watching porn? I mean sure, it’s soft care porn but porn none-the-less. What do you guys think?

I haven’t figured out who the ad agency but will let you know in an update to the post. Here is something I bet you all knew, the ice cream bar has both a Facebook page and a Twitter following.

Update: I've been asked who the actress in the spot above is? Her name is Janelle Fishman, an Israeli  model.


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