Sunday, January 16, 2011

Captain Morgan's Sexy First Mate

The ad above was displayed as a billboard on the corner of Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood, California. The billboard grabbed my attention because of the gorgeous blond it focused on. I took the picture myself about two months ago. The featured pretty lady is Victoria Secret supermodel, Marisa Miller as Captain Morgan’s sexy first mate. I’ve wanted to write about this billboard because when I saw I thought how awesome is it that a woman like that is just watching over us.

I am a little unclear which ad agency is behind the campaign but I am 90% sure that it is WPP's Grey, New York. Although according to a December 9th Adweek article creative duties for the brand have been transferred to Anomaly, an agency in New York according to Adweek.

Ms. Miller will be doing much more then sword fighting as the Captain’s first mate. Other responsibilities include involvement in several consumer touch points including digital, point-of-sale, social responsibility communication and event appearances.

Once again people, sex always sells. Not to mention that the pair work well together, Ms. Miller a supermodel that will certainly appear to the target audience and Captain Morgan rum is a party icon in its own right.

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