Friday, November 12, 2010

Brut Gets To Slappin’


So, if you haven’t heard Old Spice and their advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy came up with this awesome television campaign that became extremely popular. I mean, viral marketing popular, because after the initial TV spots aired, the main character played by Isaiah Mustafa responded to fan questions through short videos through YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter with the same humor used in the original commercials. That sport of interaction made the campaign extremely popular and it might have worked, you can see the video case study in my post: “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” Click on the image above, see if you notice the similarities.


So, here comes Brut, trying to achieve the same sort of success instantaneously by creating a character similar to Isaiah Mustafa’s cool-cat persona. Brut’s man likes to get slapped; I’m not sure how that’s exactly cool? Click on the image above to try out the interactive site.

Oh, and the ad agency behind Brut’s interactive attempt is New Jersey based Sigma Group.


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