Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Complex Cover

I saw the above cover page of next month’s Complex Magazine issue and I thought to myself I have to write a post on it. Why, you ask? Because when I saw Nicki Minaj’s picture in another blog that I follow I figured she has to be on my blog too. Well and the other reason is there is a large disparity between the number of posts I write discussing print ads compared to television spots.

One of the biggest issues I wonder about when looking at a beautiful celebrity in a magazine is how much the image was photoshopped. This beautiful rappette doesn’t need any retouching in my opinion. So, how much retouching was done to this image in your opinion people? Please leave comments below.

By the way, the image was taken by Lauren Dukoff, and from what I can tell, she’s an extremely talented photographer that works primarily with celebrities and major magazines. Let me ask you guys something else. Should I include a link to her site or is that just giving free advertising? For now, I will link to her Web-site until you, the readers voice your opinions.

None of the other blogs I read never mention who was responsible for the creation of the cover. Since it is this blog’s job to inform its reader of who done that ad. I’m mentioning the photographer.

Below is a short behind the scenes interview with Nicki Minaj, the subject and not the photographer of the cover.


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