Monday, March 15, 2010

Dutch Nurses Say No to Sex

The Dutch Nurses’ union NU’91 wants to put the world on notice, that sexual services are not part of in-home care. Currently they are preparing a campaign called “I Draw the Line Here.” These wonderful people shouldn’t have to but apparently it happens so often that they felt it necessary to implement a campaign. This took off when a Dutch patient demanded sexual favors from his in-home caretaker, when she refused he tried to dismiss her from the job.

Well folks, here in America if this were to happen we would not pass go and go straight to civil court to be sued and the plaintiff would probably win. For those of you know, this would be called a sexual harassment case. Of course one man has to ruin it for the whole bunch because of taking it too far.

Finally, what medias do you guys think this campaign will utilize the most? Will they use TV, print, interactive, out-of-home to get the message across?


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