Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lost Piano Player

I saw the ad above on a DVR recording of the Godfather, I thought it was one of the most heart warming spot I’ve ever seen, it was a spot for The Foundation For a Better Life. A boy gets separated from his parents and finds a piano so he proceeds to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Little did the boy know that the piano he discovered was the piano for the concert he and his parents were attending. He quickly realizes he was in front of a large audience and panics. The main performer comes up to the stage and helps him play the song he attempted but with more elegance.

The main message of the spot was encouragement. In the case of this lost piano player it was encouragement not to be afraid to play in front of people and trying new things. The spot made people “aww” in affection for the boy and the adult who helped him. It touched people’s hearts.

The spot was very typical of The Foundation For a Better Life, it tried to play on people’s compassion and in this case I think it certainly worked. I written a post about this advertiser before, in a post titled: Team Hoyt Billboard but in that instance the message was believe.

I honestly think that the FLB creates their ads in-house because they are probably a non-profit organization. I’m not saying that being a non-profit means that you can’t use outside agencies, I’m just saying I’m not completely sure.


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