Thursday, May 21, 2009

CP+B Auctions Interns

Here is yet another example of thinking out of the box by Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP+B). I believe the auction was announced on May 18st, what the winning bidder would be getting is three month of work that result in a “creative presentation.” The presentation consists of strategies, their recommendations, and brand positioning statements, all developed by the hard working interns at CP+B. The winning bidder is responsible for any production work.

The auction’s starting bid was $1 and now it has ballooned up to $5,400. All this to get some CP+B interns working on your brand? I am sure that the work will be of the highest caliber because those inters will be under the guidance of one of the top agencies in the world. Even as an intern they must have shown something pretty special to get a job there. So in my opinion, the winning bidder will not be disappointed with the final product they receive.

Apparently the interns at CP+B only make the minimum wage do this project by auction should encourage then to step up their game even more. There are about 3 to 4 inters associated with this project so that’s about $1,800 per intern (for 3).

The big issue with this stunt s why CP+B doing it? Is CP+B doing it simply to attract more positive press, I don’t think so their reputation speaks for itself. I think they genuinely wanted to do something extra for their loyal inters and help clients not already on their roster and don’t compete against an existing client. I think it’s one of those “feel good” advertising stories.

PS: You can get to the auction site on Eby here.


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