Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ice Breakers Turn You to Mr. Freeze

Stardust Studios transformed the scruffy looking kid in the spot into a corny looking version of Mr. Freeze in the spot above for Ice Breakers Cool Mint candy. As someone from the account side of advertising I would love to look at the strategy plan and creative brief behind this creative execution. More specifically, what’s the big idea? The candy puts you in a different state of mind; because the character that the kid transforms into is something I think you would see if you were tripping on acid.

Also, what’s with “A State of Mouth” is that supposed to be the tagline? If the candy gives your mouth a cold feeling then I think the tag should have been Ice “Breakers…A State of Cool.” I think this way the tagline could be interpreted in many different ways but it still “has Legs.”

The ad is still cool to look at but I just can't follow the meaning behind it and I think I am within their target demographic.

The ad agency for this spot is ArnoldNYC and Stardust Studios did the animation.


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