Friday, May 7, 2010

Disrespectoids From Capri Sun

Cupri Sun’s new "Respect the pouch" campaign is a bit disturbing to me. And I believe that I have a valid reason. In the video above several TV spots within the campaign are shown. The last spot shown features a girl on a beach that barriers the Cupri Sun pouch in the sand. As her punishment she is turned into a sand sculpture. This is caused by the magical super powers the pouch apparently possesses. In my opinion, this only serves to put the brand in a negative light. I don’t think this was the company’s intended position.

The pouch’s magical powers are only used against the kids who litter their environment. While littering is socially unacceptable, the handing out of punishments portrays the company as a mean spirited, vengeful, and dark brand that brings harm to its customers. I mean I honestly thought that the girl on the beach got her hand blown off. Seriously, I had to take a second look at the commercial on YouTube. I was thinking how could they show something like this on a kids channel?

I don’t think any of their customers want to be turned into “disrespectoids.” Oh, and the most annoying part of the commercials as a whole, was the voice over screaming, “Respect the pouch.”

Ogilvy was the agency behind these spots.



Jonathan Badger said...

Ogilvy? As in Comrade Ogilvy from Orwell? If so, everything makes sense.

Peach0nade said...


A.B. said...

Just curious, what does EUT mean?

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