Thursday, March 5, 2009

So Jack Isn't Dead?

I am sure that most of you have heard by now that in an effort to engage the audience Jack in the Box debut a spot during the Superbowl where Jack, their mascot, gets hit by a bus. After he is hit he goes into a coma that he was in for a month. Now that Jack is out of the coma, The Hang In There Jack campaign is coming to an end. You can see the campaign at Hang In There Jack.

The famous Jack is announcing plans for a new logo and a new Web-site design. Advancements do help get people out of comas, right? Personally I was turned off of the burger chain a few years ago because of an incident but that's not saying they aren't good. They just aren't what I prefer.

I can't find the ad agency responsible for the Hang In There Jack" campaign but I am working on it. I must say they went all out for this campaign, developing a site where people can visit Jack, Leave well wishes, and even a physical address to send get well cards. Also you can of course see the drasma happening in the hospital.

One of their ad agencies is Secret Weapon Marketing but I am not sure if they are responsible for the Hang In There Jack campaign. But Jack isn't so they can come up with more cheesy campaigns.


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