Wednesday, March 25, 2009

K&G | 911

Fake 911 calls are fun for teenage pranksters, but only if they don't get fined for tying up emergency lines with non-emergencies. There are people out there with real emergencies.Well, when I saw this ad, I feel like I became a victim, because I thought I was about to read a real 911 call. The above ad, created for K&B Fashion, not only fakes out its audience, it is also a terrible creative execution. The ad is a fake 911 emergency call involving a woman who bought clothes, but apparently, the clothes weren't fashionable enough. So, apparently K&B’s message is that if you shop with them, you will get stylish clothes without being a victim of high prices. The emergency phone call in the ad was terrible to listen to because of the crying woman and the emotionless operator.

DeVito/Verdi, a small shop in New York, created the spots. In my opinion, this creative execution could have been done in somebody's basement. All it would have needed is iMovie and some friends willing to help with the voices. I could have probably setup my Mac to do a better job with the voices-especially the voice of the 911 operator. The spot gave me the sense that it was made quickly and on the cheap.

I expect more from an ad agency. By the way, their copywriter’s tagline was "Fashion without the Victim." Well, in this case, I was the victim. Again, the spot felt cheap. As always, what I say here is only my opinion, take it or leave it.


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