Sunday, October 24, 2010

Controversy with Calvin Kline Ad, Again

The ad shown above has brought controversy to the designer’s brand once again. CK has apparently had a number of ads brought into question over the years. The ad above was banned in Australia for suggesting rape. Some up-tight, authoritarian figure in the Advertising Standards Bureau thought the ad suggested a gang rape of the pretty lady above.

To me, the ad could have easily been mistaken for a promotional poster for a new season of True Blood. Please take a look at the image below and look at how similar the images look. The pretty ladies in both ads are situated in a manner that looks extremely submissive, but I never heard of an outcry against True Blood. The image for the show above even has some pretty suggestive copy to go along with the image. I wonder if the show went through the same scrutiny in Australia? Granted, Calvin Klein has had a history of pushing the acceptable limits when it comes to sexually charged advertising.

By the way, Calvin Klein has its own in-house agency, CRK Advertising. I believe the ad agency was responsible for the Brook Shields crotch ad. Also, see more from the new campaign featuring Laura Stone. Finally, I am not condemning the people who created the work, everyone involved is an adult and can make their own decisions. Also, we all know if one thing is true in advertising, it is that sex sells.

Would we be giving the ad above any attention if it didn't have any?


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