Friday, January 2, 2009

Superman Elevator

Promoting movies on elevator doors have been popping up all over the place from what I can tell. I have seen them just about every time I go to a movie theatre here in L.A. Speaking of movies, I go to a new movie just about every week. So needless to say, I have gotten to know those elevator promotions rather well. Most of the elevators show the main image representing the movie, which is nothing special except for the Superman Movie elevator below. By the way, I found this unique piece of advertising on

The elevator portrayed Clark Kent removing his clothes to become Superman, his true identity. But it wasn’t one elevator, it was three—all working together—to reveal the famous Superman “S.”
The message execution reminds the audience of the famous scene where Clark Kent goes into a phone booth to turn into Superman. Does the creative execution cause the audience to want to go see the movie? In my opinion, this creative execution is only good for winning awards at the One Shows. I don’t think it would make anyone go see the movie who wasn’t already planning on seeing it in the first place.

It was wonderful execution, but it will not affect ticket sales in any way, but I love the creative idea. Everyone should give props to JWT, Brazil for thinking out of the box.



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