Monday, November 1, 2010

Ken Jeong Comes to Advertising

Ken Jeong, better known Leslie Chow from the extremely funny movie “The Hangover” now tries to conquer the advertising world. In the spot above he is featured in the new Adidas commercial with NBA superstar Dwight Howard. They are promoting “The Beast” the footwear giant’s new high-top sneakers. I had to blog about this spot because of the Slim Chin character Dr. Jeong brought to life in the spot.

Slim Chin is a man gold jumpsuit, stands on a pyramid of blond, gorgeous ladies, and is filthy rich because he is so fast. Dr. Jeong gives a very energetic performance, so energetic that it makes Howard seem a bit uptight. The spot is awesome to watch, not for the shoe but for the featured, fast talking comedian.

The ad agency is 180 LA.

Here is a spot featuring Derrick Rose.


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