Saturday, October 16, 2010

Before and After Models

VIP Medicum, a beauty clinic in Tallinn, Estonia pulled off a controversial marketing stunt in the video you see above. They hired models to act as the “Before” and “After” result of their weight-loss program. Now, I realize that before and after photos are a standard in weight-loss advertising but to use real people?

From what I understand the “Before” model didn’t mind but I think all that really means is that she really needed the money from her job. The models were required to hand out brochures for the clinic. I wonder if each model handed out the brochure for their own body type? You know what I mean, the fat model would handout brochures saying this is how you shouldn’t and the thin one giving out brochures saying this is how you should be. I mean they did it already using real human beings; they might as well remain in the forefront of the consumer’s mind my giving out corresponding brochures.

This is what is called ambient advertising. Ambient Advertising is usually out-of-home and needs to get some sort of shock value and media attention to be considered successful. It is advertising that is in our everyday surroundings, including people.

The agency behind the video above and I’m assuming the idea was Ukrainian ad agency Van der Buzz.


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