Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ads in Private Parts

The ad above appeared on another advertising blog around the 16th of this month but I thought the execution was so unique I had to discuss it in my own blog. The image above would be considered out-of-home advertising. The sponsor for this ad was Silk Soft. The message that Soft Silk was trying to communicate is that their tissue is 100% recycled.

I’m not sure if recycled toilet paper is such a good thing. I’ve heard that Starbucks recycles cups and if you do a DNA test on a recycled used cup, you will more then likely find the DNA of more then just the last user.

Obviously, this promotional effort was intended to have a small amount of shock value to it. I wonder how receptive the public in Denmark was to seeing these in public restrooms? I know that Denmark and other European countries are a lot more open minded when it comes to displaying the human body in a public forum.

The Ad agency responsible for this promotion is By Far, Denmark. I can’t seem to get to a working agency site. I will try again a bit later on in the week.

But I mean come on, what’s next a tampon-dispensing (you fill in the rest).


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