Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beckham, Terminator 5

David Beckham is in another ad, what do you know. This time it isn’t an underwear ad it is for Moterola. I like the ad because its drawing inspiration from the classic Terminator movies. What purpose do these Becham ads serve except for being eye candy for the ladies? The TV spot above barley shows the product.

The ads must have taken some heavy Photoshop work at the semi-comp and comp stage from the people at Ogilvy Advertising, UK. But I am sure they knew they needed to take full advantage of Beckham’s star power. His endorsement of the Aura phone by Motorola gives it tremendous credibility.

I don’t know if the ladies will be cutting the ads out of magazines as much with this campaign as they did with the underwear ads. What do you guys think of the new ad?


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