Monday, April 27, 2009

Absolut Hugs

Several months ago, on February 10th to be exact I wrote about Absolut and how it became the first distilled spirits company to have a commercial appear on prime time CBS owned station. The above spot is another commercial in the “Absolut World” campaign. In an “Absolut World” hugs and kisses are the currency of choice traded for real world items. The spot above is the UK version of the ad.

To me, the spot seemed a bit “loving” which is not usually a word you would use to describe anything related to vodka. The song in the spot is “Money makes the World go Around” goes well with the spot. The creative idea is communicated very well through the images and the song in the background.

The spot actually made me feel good, is that weird or what?

Anyway, the ad agency is once again TBWA/Chiat/Day


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